7th Bonn Brain³ Conference

States – Behaviour, Neural Circuits and Codes

Conference Description

BonnBrain³ stands at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific inquiry, uniting experts from diverse fields in a premier international conference focused on unraveling the complexities of states, behavior, neural circuits, and codes. This interdisciplinary scientific gathering prioritizes the presentation of groundbreaking and unpublished research, fostering insightful discussions after each talk and nurturing informal interactions among scientists at all career stages.

BonnBrain³: States – Behavior, Neural Circuits and Codes

The conference program showcases a diverse array of speakers and discussion leaders from esteemed institutions worldwide, concentrating on the latest developments in the field. In addition to these premier talks, BonnBrain³ provides dedicated time for poster sessions and a students’ organized symposium offering individuals at all career stages the opportunity for networking and presenting their research.

BonnBrain³ 2024 undertakes an interdisciplinary approach to explore the intricate interplay of brain and body states, neural networks and behavior. Individual sessions feature presentations from international experts in the areas of circuit and behavior evolution, the role of network, brain and body states in different behaviors as well as computational neuroscience. The conference integrates diverse scientific backgrounds, encouraging discussions among participants whose paths might not normally cross.

BonnBrain³ hopes to serve as a convergence point for diverse perspectives, promising to illuminate some of the most challenging and fascinating questions about the brain’s workings.

We are excited to announce the upcoming 7th Bonn Brain³ meeting, hosted by the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, in collaboration with the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) and the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior – caesar. The meeting will be kicked-off at the LVR – Landesmuseum Bonn for Archeology, Culture and Arts and continue at the Venusberg Campus of the University Clinic Bonn.

August 19 – 21, 2024

Venue day 1, August 19, 2024:
LVR – Landesmuseum Bonn, Colmantstraße 14-16, 53115 Bonn

Venue day 2 and 3, August 20-21, 2024:
BMZ 1 Building B 13, Venusberg Campus 1, 53127 Bonn


Keynote speakers

Camilla Bellone
Geneva University Neurocenter

Iain Couzin
Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior

Tatyana Sharpee
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Michael Brecht
Humboldt University

Moritz Helmstaedter
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research


Lucia Prieto-Godino
The Francis Crick Institute

Jesse Goldberg
Cornell University

Maria Tosches
Columbia University


Alison Barker
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Michael Long
New York University

Hiroshi Ito
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research



Adrienne Fairhall
University of Washington

Tom Baden
University of Sussex

Priya Rajasethupathy
Rockefeller University

Joshua Dudman
Janelia Research Campus


Manuel Zimmer
University of Vienna

Sami El-Boustani
Geneva University Neurocenter

Amelia Douglass
Harvard Medical School


Our Team


Prof. Ilona Grunwald Kadow
University of Bonn, Medical Faculty

Prof. Jason Kerr
Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behaviour – caesar

Dr. Jan Gründemann
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Dr. Sabine Krabbe
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Conference Organizers

Anke Krämer
University of Bonn, Institute of Physiology II

Kristian Reichelt
University of Bonn, Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research

Dr. Therese Alich
University of Bonn, Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research



Application Details – Early bird

The registration for BonnBrain³ 2024 will open on February 19.
To secure your spot, kindly submit your application for this meeting by May 31, 2024. We encourage early applications, as we may reach full capacity before the specified deadline. In the event of oversubscription, details will be indicated here. Please note that applications for oversubscribed meetings will be reviewed by the conference chair only if additional seats become available due to cancellations. Apply promptly to ensure your participation.

Early registration period is open until: May 31, 2024

Late Application Deadline and Increased Fee

The regular application deadline for this meeting is May 31, 2024. After this date, late applications will be considered, subject to availability, until the final deadline of July 8, 2024. However, please note that a higher registration fee will be applicable for late applicants.

Deadline: July 8, 2024

Abstract registration

We would like to point out, that the abstract registration is only open until May 31. Talks and posters will be selected from the abstracts. In the late registration period, attendees can only register for the conference without making a contribution

Registration Fees

Early registration- CLOSED

Students (120€) 
Postdocs (250€)
Principal Investigator (320€)
Industry  (460€)

Late registration (until July 8)

Students (220€) 
Postdocs (350€)
Principal Investigator (420€)
Industry  (560€)

Young Investigator Research Symposium

We are happy to announce that this year’s BonnBrain3 conference kicks off with a Young Investigator’s Research Symposium (YIRS). In this session, 10 young scientists have the opportunity to share their research and ignite discussion by presenting short talks (10 min talk, 5 min discussion). All BonnBrain3 conference participants are welcome to attend this session.

The audience at the YIRS will decide on the winner of the best talk prize.
All abstract submissions by young investigators (postdocs and doctoral students) for talks will be considered for the main conference and the YIRS with a one-talk-per-person policy.

Art competition

Art and science have always been closely intertwined. At BonnBrain³ we acknowledge this by the art exhibition & competition traditionally accompanying the conference. We are looking for artworks which capture the beauty and fascination of Neuroscience, inspire wonder and excitement, and provide insight into a Neuroscience topic of your choice!

All registered BonnBrain3 attendees can submit one piece of art including a brief description (see details when entering your art contribution). The deadline for entries is July, 8 2024.

The artworks will be exhibited in the BMZ at the BonnBrain3 conference. Winners will be selected by popular vote by the conference attendees and prizes will be awarded at the conference.

Submit images (photographs, paintings, drawings), movies, 3-D prints or sculptures.

Shake the Brain Tuesday night!

After two days of interesting science, it is time to let off some steam at the legendary BonnBrain³ Shake the Brain Party. Stop discussing and unravel your dance moves – or do both at the same time! We will welcome you with a free drink in the N8Lounge from 9pm on. We are looking forward to celebrating with all of you! 

Shake the Brain Party ticket: 10€ (incl. welcome drink); you can buy a ticket for one additional friend during the online registration or on the night of the party.

Date & Time: 20. Aug 2024 @ 9pm

Location: N8Lounge in the city center (Franzstr. 44, 53111 Bonn)