In 2014, the SFB1089 “Synaptic Micronetworks in Health and Disease” organized a very successful Kick-Off-Meeting with a variety of outstanding national and international speakers, including Nobel laureate Thomas Südhof. The success of this meeting gave rise to the idea that an annual meeting might not only strengthen the neuroscience community in Bonn but also the connections between scientists from all over the world. Therefore, with the support of other major facilities of the Bonn neuroscience community (BCN, DZNE, and BIGS Neuroscience), a joint conference open to all interested neuroscientists was realized. Since 2015 it offers the possibility to coordinate scientific efforts, to profit from each other’s knowledge, and to open new perspectives.

The BonnBrain³ Meeting is known for its informal atmosphere. Lively discussions following oral or poster presentations usually continue into the evening, accompanied by a glass of beer or wine. Students are very welcome to participate, too. The meeting even offers a special student symposium (the best talks are also presented during the main meeting) and career development sessions are open for students and postdocs. A neuroscience art competition as well as the legendary “Shake the Brain Party” with live music are also a fixed part of the program.