How to submit an abstract

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for Bonn Brain3 2019. Abstracts can only be submitted online using the form further down.

The Presenting Author will be the contact person for the abstract and must submit the abstract. A confirmation email will be sent to the Presenting Author after abstract submission.

All submissions must include:

  • A clear and concise abstract in English
  • An abstract title which has to be formatted in Title Case (not UPPERCASE). Please do not put a period at the end of the title.
  • A list of all authors (full name “John Smith” for example) with the primary institution/affiliation for each author
  • Please do not include references, tables or graphics.

 You can save your submission as a draft and return to edit this draft within 30 days. Please do not forget to submit the saved abstract within the 30 days because it will be automatically deleted after that. Also, once the abstract has been submitted it can no longer be accessed or edited. If you require any assistance regarding the submission of your abstract please contact Ms. Paunica Giesler at

Submission deadline is January 31, 2019

Abstract submission form

  • Contact Information
    The Presenting Author of this abstract will act as the main contact for this abstract. For this, we kindly ask the presenter to state his/her contact details below (name, email, phone and institution).
  • Abstract details
    Two types of presentation are available: poster and talk in the Young Investigator Research Session. Please indicate your preferences below and submit your abstract.
  • Please indicate your preference. Speakers of the Young Investigator Research Session will be selected by the organizers and may be chosen to also present in a main session. Please understand that not everybody will get the opportunity to give a talk. We will inform you if you have been selected for a talk or are invited to present a poster instead. All oral presenters of the Young Investigator Session can choose to present a poster in addition.
  • FirstLastPrimary institution/affiliation 
    Add a new row
    Please list ALL authors for this abstract (including the presenter and all co-authors). The authors have to be added one below the other in the relevant order (Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, etc.). Use the right plus button to add an additional author.
  • The title has to be formatted in Title Case, not UPPERCASE. Do not put a period at the end of the title.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.